Review: The Edge Of Everything by Jeff Giles


Beautiful BastardTitle: The Edge Of Everything
Author: Jeff Giles
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Rating: ☆ ☆
Beautiful Bastard

It's been a shattering year for seventeen-year-old Zoe, who's still reeling from her father's shockingly sudden death in a caving accident and her neighbors' mysterious disappearance from their own home. Then on a terrifying sub-zero, blizzardy night in Montana, she and her brother are brutally attacked in a cabin in the woods--only to be rescued by a mysterious bounty hunter they call X.

X is no ordinary bounty hunter. He is from a hell called the Lowlands, sent to claim the soul of Zoe's evil attacker and others like him. Forbidden to reveal himself to anyone other than his victims, X casts aside the Lowlands' rules for Zoe. As X and Zoe learn more about their different worlds, they begin to question the past, their fate, and their future. But escaping the Lowlands and the ties that bind X might mean the ultimate sacrifice for both of them.

My Review:

The first chapter is a bit confusing to me. Why in the world would Zoe let Jonah go out during a snowstorm? Why would their mother leave them alone, knowing they aren't old enough to make good decisions????

After a little while, she goes out to look for her brother who didn't answer when she called for him to come back inside. She finally finds him underneath their dogs which they inherited from their dead neighbors. 

They go in the house where to the two old people used to live to keep warm. While inside trying to stay warm, someone approaches. That someone was the person who killed her neighbors. He came to drown the dogs for some crazy unknown reason. When he tries to drown them, X shows up. X is someone from the Lowlands there to punish Stan for his evil deeds.

Later that night, after she emails the police about Stan, they show up to question her about Stan and X. She lies about X until they show her the picture she posted on Instagram of him (typical teenage move). Her mom shoos them away and leads the children to the garage where she's hidden X.

X is a man/boy who takes people to hell or to the Lowlands for harming/killing others. He knows people there, he trains people to do what he does and nobody goes by their given names.

And that's about as far as I got. This story has such a great concept. I cannot handle the writing though. I don't know if it's because the fact that the book I have hasn't been edited or what. I was so excited to read this book! 

I'm thinking I'm going to read it again when it comes out!

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