Review: Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall


Beautiful Bastard Under Rose-Tainted Skies
By Louise Gornall
Published By: Clarion Books on January 3rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Mental Health, Romance
Pages: 330
Purchase: Amazon - Kindle
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Beautiful Bastard


At seventeen, Norah has accepted that the four walls of her house delineate her life. She knows that fearing everything from inland tsunamis to odd numbers is irrational, but her mind insists the world outside is too big, too dangerous. So she stays safe inside, watching others’ lives through her windows and social media feed.

But when Luke arrives on her doorstep, he doesn’t see a girl defined by medical terms and mental health. Instead, he sees a girl who is funny, smart, and brave. And Norah likes what he sees.

Their friendship turns deeper, but Norah knows Luke deserves a normal girl. One who can walk beneath the open sky. One who is unafraid of kissing. One who isn’t so screwed up. Can she let him go for his own good—or can Norah learn to see herself through Luke’s eyes?

Holy moly. This book was just... wow. I'm really mad at myself for taking so long to pick it up. And before I go on with my review, I'm going to slap a trigger warning for this book for self harm and really detailed anxiety attacks.

Norah. She's the most beautiful character I've read about all year. I love her and I feel like I need to give her a million air hugs. She suffers from OCD, anxiety, and agoraphobia. She's a brave girl who is just scared of the world.

Luke really compliments Norah. He tries so hard to be with her without touching her and doing things to make her feel uncomfortable. He's how everyone should be. He's truly a great human being. I was terrified that he was going to end up being a butt hole or something.

All of the characters in this book were wonderfully written. There was not one character I didn't like. This book in it's entirety is just freaking amazing.

There were some parts I had problems with reading. The self harm scenes really did it for me. It triggered too many memories and almost made me put this book down. I'm so glad I fought through it and finished it!

This book is powerful. Anyone who doesn't suffer from any form of anxiety or depression should read this. It has the power to change how people view those who have these illnesses. It will definitely shed new light for those who think that people with anxiety can just "get over it".

Five out of five stars. Hell, one million stars. This book jumped to my favorites list. It will be on my top shelf with all my other favorites.

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