Review: Thousands by Pepper Winters


By Pepper Winters
Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on August 15th 2017
Genres: Romance, Dark Romance
Pages: 386
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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Beautiful Bastard 


Once upon a time, I didn’t think I’d ever be normal.

Now, I’m talking and trusting, and it’s all thanks to Elder.

He gave me my life back, and I gave him my heart, but love stories like ours are never simple.

I did something to protect him.

He did something to survive me.

We screwed up.

And now, it’s no longer just about us.

It’s about safety, sanctuary, and sin.

Beware Of Spoilers!!

My Thoughts: 

So this is my favorite one so far. It's filled with anticipation and action. I feel like Millions isn't going to top this one but I really hope it does. This book was really exciting. I didn't want to put it down because I was too anxious to find out what was going to happen next. And finally, fight scenes. We haven't had violence since the second book. Maybe the first book? I can't really remember when Elder stole Pim. 

I like that Thousands was the longest book. I like that Pepper put so much into this one. It has everything you could want out of this series. Besides the happily ever after, of course.


Q: Okay. So I squealed like a big and almost threw my book. My favorite character ever has been reintroduced into my life and I could have been more excited. I was also pretty mad that he stole Pim away from Elder. But, I'll live with it if that means I get more Q and Tess.

Reunion: The reunion between Pim and her mother is beautiful. We know that Pim almost always blamed her mother for her kidnapping. Pim even goes as far as telling her mother that she thought that. Sonja lets her know that she didn't do anything of the sort. They hug and cry and it's just a nice moment in this series that was really needed.

Jethro: Jethro is another pro for this book. OMG I didn't know that I needed more of Jet and Nila. I'm 100% happy that we get to see a little bit of their children as well! UGH! Can't all of Pepper Winters' characters just be BFFs so I can get excitement like this all the time?

Fight Scene: We get a really bloody fight scene in this one. The Chinmoku finally find Elder and they attack. There's like ten guys against Elder. And he fights his heart out. It was heartbreaking that he had to fight them all by himself. But it's was a great scene and I'm glad it finally happened.


The only problem I have with this book is that Pim's mother is in prison. I know she killed a guy and all, but this is a fictional world and I think Elder should at least try as hard as he can to get her released. 

Recommend To: 

Anyone that can handle a bit of tough love. Not for those triggered by rape or abuse.

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My Rating:
5/5 Stars

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