REVIEW: The Lies They Tell by Gillian French


The Lies They Tell

By Gillian French

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Published May 1st 2018 by HarperTeen



Everyone in Tenney’s Harbor, Maine, knows about the Garrison tragedy. How an unexplained fire ravaged their house, killing four of the five family members. But what people don’t know is who did it. All fingers point at Pearl Haskins’s father, the town drunk, who was the caretaker of the property, but she just can’t believe it. Leave it to a town of rich people to blame “the help.”

With her disgraced father now trying to find work in between booze benders, Pearl’s future doesn’t hold much more than waiting tables at the local country club, where the wealthy come to flaunt their money and spread their gossip. This year, Tristan, the last surviving Garrison, and his group of affluent and arrogant friends have made a point of sitting in Pearl’s section. Though she’s repulsed by most of them, Tristan’s quiet sadness and somber demeanor have her rethinking her judgments. Befriending the boys could mean getting closer to the truth, clearing her father’s name, and giving Tristan the closure he seems to be searching for. But it could also trap Pearl in a sinister web of secrets, lies, and betrayals that, once untangled, will leave no life unchanged . . . if it doesn’t take hers first.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

I had fun reading this book. I was constantly trying to pin the murderer on somebody. I didn't like the outcome of the book. I was a bit disappointed. It went too fast and I'm just really unhappy with how it ended and who the murderer ended up being.

The Lies They Tell is a story about a girl named Pearl who is trying to figure out who killed the Garrison family. She wants to know who did so her father's name can be cleared. He was there when it happened and people lost their trust in him.

In her investigation, she befriends Bridges, Akil, and Tristan Garrison. The last Garrison son alive. She soon finds out that these boys are a bit odd and very mean.

I enjoyed the mystery in this book. Although, I'll never understand the kids getting into something the police should be handling.

I can't wait to read other books by Gillian. I'm ready to be on my toes again!

Character Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

I liked all of the characters in this book. Gillian wrote them all so well. She went the extra mile on each and every one of them.

Tristan is such a complex character. You never know what he's going to do. Which is why, I didn't trust him throughout the entire book. But, I also wanted him to be Pearl's love interest and not Bridges. 

Pearl was an amazing character. She cares so much for her father that she's trying to solve a murder. She puts herself in danger to help her father get back all the jobs he lost due to this incident. She's so genuine to her friends and I feel bad that she loves Reese but he doesn't love her the same way. 

Romance Rating: 2/5 Stars

This is obviously not a romance book. But since there is sort of a romance in it, I'm going to give it a rating.

I hated Bridges and Pearl. Out of the two people I wanted her to be with, it wasn't him. I mean, they didn't really even date. But still. I disliked him and thought she could do better.

I was totally hoping Reese would come around and love her. Either that or Tristan would man up and stop being so withdrawn from the world. But luckily, she didn't end up with Tristan because that could have been terrible.

I just wanted more for Pearl and her love life.

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