Book Review: Buttons And Shame by Penelope Sky


Buttons & Shame

By Penelope Sky

More Details:

Book Four
Dark Romance

Published July 17th 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



Tristan is one of my biggest clients. He always pays on time, and he always keeps his word.

But this time, he's short on cash.

He needs the shipment now, so he offers me collateral.

He loans me his slave.


Now that pearl and I are so close, I can't condone this type of exchange. It's wrong.


But she wants me. I can tell.

And I definitely want her.

This book has taken the series into a different direction. Instead of following Pearl and Crow, we are now following Cane (Crow's brother) and Adelina. Adelina is a woman who was trafficked and used as a substitute for some money until Tristan was able to come up with the rest of the cash.

I do have to say that I like Cane more than I like Crow. He seems softer. More lovable. This book definitely wasn't as dark as the first three and I think I really like that. I just unfortunately didn't love it as much as the first three.

There was not a lot of action. No killing. No blood. I really felt like something should have happened in this book. Especially when Pearl goes to visit Tristan without any supervision. That was a missed opportunity to get some action in. All she did was elbow a dude. Boring.

I wanted to give this book a higher rating. I just found it boring at times. There was no fighting. Blah blah blah.

I really can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I really hope they figure out a way to save Adelina because I want her and Cane to get married and be happy together.

I also really hope the action picks up. Because I like the dark part of these books. I like the violence. There wasn't any in this one.

3/5 Stars

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