Something Like Gravity by Amber Smith // Book Review


Title: Something Like Gravity

Author: Amber Smith

Genre(s): Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Page Count: 400

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Chris and Maia aren’t off to a great start.

A near-fatal car accident first brings them together, and their next encounters don’t fare much better. Chris’s good intentions backfire. Maia’s temper gets the best of her.

But they’re neighbors, at least for the summer, and despite their best efforts, they just can’t seem to stay away from each other.

The path forward isn’t easy. Chris has come out as transgender, but he’s still processing a frightening assault he survived the year before. Maia is grieving the loss of her older sister and trying to find her place in the world without her. Falling in love was the last thing on either of their minds.

But would it be so bad if it happened anyway?

I received this book for my honest review.

Something Like Gravity is a beautiful story about a transgender boy finding love for the first time. Most importantly, a love who understands him and loves him as he is. It’s such a beautiful and important love story.

Words cannot express how much I love this book. My heart absorbed every word in this book. The acceptance. The brutality. The sadness. The grief. The anger. All of the emotions, my heart just sucked them all in. I swear, my heart expanded three times it’s size after reading this wonderful book.

I think there needs to be more books with a main character who is transgender. It’s such an important topic today and it’s one that’s discussed quite often. Amber Smith is not transgender herself, but I feel like her book does a magnificent job at portraying it. Amber Smith is the queen of series topics and getting them on paper properly.

I loved the family dynamics in this book. I love that not everything is perfect. That’s how it is in real life! Not everyone is so accepting automatically. Amber Smith does a great job at showing all kinds of acceptance in this book.

Chris and Maia are amazing characters. Words cannot express how much I adore them. Especially Chris, he’s such a genuine person. And Isobel. I love her with my entire heart. She reminds me so much of my grandmother, it hurts.

I would just love to thank Amber Smith for writing such a beautiful book. I feel like this book could help so many people. Whether you’re a transgender yourself, or you’re dating a transgender person. Heck, even if you’re a parent to a child/teen who told you they’re transgender. Everyone should read this book. This book will touch the lives of many.

Also, I need updates on Chris!

This book deserves all the stars in the night sky. Every single last one.

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