Meet Cute by Helena Hunting // Book Review


Title: Meet Cute
Author: Helena Hunting
Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary
Page Count: 384
Purchase: Amazon ~ Kindle

Talk about an embarrassing introduction. On her first day of law school, Kailyn ran - quite literally - into the actor she crushed on as a teenager, ending with him sprawled on top of her. Mortified to discover the Daxton Hughes was also a student in her class, her embarrassment over their meet-cute quickly turned into a friendship she never expected. Of course, she never saw his betrayal coming either...

Now, eight years later, Dax is in her office asking for legal advice. Despite her anger, Kailyn can't help feeling sorry for the devastated man who just became sole guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister. But when her boss gets wind of Kailyn's new celebrity client, there's even more at stake than Dax's custody issues: if she gets Dax to work at their firm, she'll be promoted to partner.

The more time Kailyn spends with Dax and his sister, the more she starts to feel like a family, and the more she realizes the chemistry they had all those years ago is as fresh as ever. But will they be able to forgive the mistakes of the past, or will one betrayal lead to another?

I picked this book up because it's super cute cover. I thought it was going to be a rom-com. Yes, this book did have it's funny/cute moments. It didn't lack in that department. This book was a very family based book. Meet Cute follows Kailyn who becomes moderator of Daxton's younger sister's trust fund.

Dax is Kailyn's teenage crush. He starred in a popular TV show when he was a teenager and she fangirled over him so hard. They went to college together and had feuds. One so big, that Kailyn holds the grudge for years. That is, until she has to be around his younger sister more than she plans to be. Dax is thrown into the parenting position with no idea what to do.

Kailyn helps them out every which way she can. I love her for that. Not only was Dax thrown into this situation, she was too thanks to her job. She really steps up and helps Dax out in situations where he's not comfortable with.

This book was cute. This book was sad. It made me feel a lot of emotions. I feel like I would have loved it more if it was a rom-com. I wasn't expecting all of this heaviness. I was expecting a fun lighthearted read. I didn't really get that. I got thrown into family drama and custody fights. It's not a topic a feel light about.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I'm giving a 3.75 star rating. This is just simply due to the fact that I was mislead by this super cute cover. If it had more sexy scenes, it would have gotten a higher rating! (I did highly enjoy what we were given though)

3.75/5 Stars

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